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Messina Hof Winery Terror in a Toga - Murder Mystery Dinner

Apr 05, 2024

Murder Mystery Step into ancient Rome’s thrilling night of gladiator spectacle and political intrigue. Felix Festus, a lanista vying for public favor and a Senate seat, offers his gladiators for an exhibition. While no lives will be taken in the ring, one Roman will take their last breath at the party. It’s up to you to uncover the guilty in this murder mystery. Defend your innocence and unravel the secrets amidst honor, pride, and a quest for power. What to Expect at a Murder Mystery Dinner: Messina Hof is well-known for its Murder Mysteries which are their own brand of “dinner theater”, that date back to the Middle Ages. Guests would dine and enjoy entertainment from actors and storytellers. However, with Messina Hof’s Murder Mysteries, our guests are the actors and storytellers. Before the date of the event, each guest will receive a character assignment which will help with finding a costume. Each Murder Mystery Dinner is led by an equally thematic host, who will “set the stage” so to speak, and guide you through the story. Not only will you be treated to a fabulous dinner, but each course is expertly paired with one of Messina Hof’s award-winning wines. In between each course, each character will be able to interact and collect clues as to who the murderer is. Or is it you? If so, then make sure you’re clever enough to avoid suspicion… MENU COMING SOON! Note: Weapons are prohibited on the premises, please keep attire appropriate for all ages.
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4545 Old Reliance Road Bryan, TX USA 77808
Bryan, TX 77808
Phone: 9797789463
Cost: $75 per person
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM