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Top 10 Family-Friendly Things To Do in Odessa, TX

By Hunter Lainer

For a family to agree on what to eat for dinner is difficult enough. When it comes to deciding on a vacation spot, it can feel almost impossible. You need a place that won’t be boring for the kids, won’t feel like a chore for the parents, and maximizes the all-important fun per dollar. Odessa, TX is just the place for the entire family to unwind, make memories, and come away a closer family for it. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Check out the list below to see everything Odessa has to offer.


Jackrabbit Jamboree: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Among the more creative ways to explore Odessa has to be the Jackrabbit Jamboree. Jackrabbit statues are located all around town, each of which sports a unique outfit. Symphony de Bunny is one of our favorites, so if you see him, say hello!  

With the help of the downloadable passport, try to find all the jackrabbits and you can win your very own jackrabbit plushie. To log your find, take a selfie and tag #discoverodessa. Go get that plushie! It’s a souvenir and a trophy all rolled up into one!

 rimrock raceway

Rimrock Raceway

It doesn’t matter what age you are, go-karts never get old. Odessa’s Rimrock Raceway is living proof of that. Race your friends and family to find out once and for all who’s the fastest! All races come to an end, but bragging rights last forever. 

Racers must be eight years or older for the traditional go-karts, but Rimrock also offers dual seaters. For dual seaters, drivers must be 16 years or older, but for the passenger seat, it’s only two years or older. This makes the dual seater a perfect way to get the younger kids involved in the action.

mountain bike

Odessa Mountain Bike Park

If you’re looking for a good mountain biking spot, but would prefer a more controlled environment than an actual mountain, you’re in luck. Odessa Mountain Bike Park has 11 miles of trail inside 95 total acres. The trails accommodate skill levels from beginner to expert, using colors to mark the level of each trail.

Along the trail, you’ll find steep inclines to pick up speed, narrow bridges for precise handling, and plenty of jumps to get some air. In addition to biking, the park can be used for hiking, walking your dog, or running. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, so feel free to get the juices flowing for a busy day by partaking in some early morning inclines. You must sign up for a membership to use the park and can find more information here

wagner noel performance

Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center is well-known for hosting concerts, Broadway shows, and productions from the West Texas Symphony. But what you might not know is how many family-focused events they put on every year.

Everyone from grandma to little Timmy is sure to get excited for a live puppet show or orchestral renditions of timeless family films. Why watch a show when you can be in it? Live game shows like Wheel of Fortune will let you do just that. Check out their calendar for all the upcoming shows.

altitude trampoline park

Altitude Trampoline Park & 4Kidz Park

Thousands of square feet of trampolines await at Altitude Trampoline Park, but it’s more than just bouncing up and down—as tempting as that may be. Try out the Battle Beam, where you can challenge a friend to see who can knock the other into the foam pit first. Adults and older kids may be interested in some dodgeball, which becomes a totally different game when you can bounce high into the air!

Another exciting indoor park in Odessa is the 4Kidz Park. What this park lacks in trampolines, it makes up for in slides, obstacle courses, and a Ball Blaster area where you can take control of ball turrets. There’s even a toddler area for the smallest members of the family.



Cinergy may seem like your average everyday movie theater at first—you can certainly take the family to see the latest releases, if that’s all you’re looking for. But if you want a little something extra with your filmgoing experience, Cinergy brings blockbuster thrills and excitement before the movie even starts.

Flex your gaming skills at the 360-degree VR arena, which has you play on treadmills for maximum immersion. Or maybe you’d prefer something a little less virtual. In that case, the arcade, indoor zipline course, or a night of bowling may be up your alley.

cheers to paint

Cheers to Paint Studio 

Who doesn’t love a good painting class? You get to learn a new skill and take home your masterpiece for all to see. Cheers to Paint provides canvases and art supplies for all ages to walk in and start painting. In addition, there are weekly events where you’ll learn how to create a specific design.

In addition to classes specifically for children, adult-centric classes are available, as well. You might be pleased to know that alcohol is allowed, so if your painting starts out as photorealism and ends up as an abstract, that’s totally normal.



We know what you’re thinking. You want to go see Stonehenge, but that flight to England just isn’t worth it. No amount of potentially alien-crafted rock formations would be worth nine hours of leg cramps and crying babies. Permian Basin Stonehenge is slightly shorter than the original, but it's exact in horizontal size and astronomically accurate.

Fear not! Odessa has the next best thing with its very own Stonehenge replica, which is roughly four-fifths the size of the original. You can find it on The University of Texas of the Permian Basin campus, where it took six weeks to build, much faster than the 2,000 years scholars believe it took to build the original.

rink n roll

Music City Mall Rink N’ Roll

One of the largest roller rinks in the state of Texas—and that’s saying something—is the Music City Mall Rink N’ Roll in Odessa, TX. This roller rink spans 14,000 square feet and even manages to fit in bumper cars!

With strobing lights and irresistible dance music, you might find it hard to pull yourself away from “just one more go-around.”


End the Day with Donuts, Ice Cream, and More

After a long day of hunting jackrabbits, mountain biking, and taking way too many pictures at Stonehenge, it’s time to wind down. And there’s no better way to cap off the day than savory goodness.

One of the best things about being an adult is you can skip right past dinner to dessert, and Southern Maid Donuts makes that decision easier than ever. Warm, soft, and more flavors than you can count on both hands—it’s no surprise that that the only commercial Elvis ever did for a product was for Southern Maid Donuts.

If you’d rather take a detour on your way to dessert, there’s no route more scenic than Curb Side Bistro. They specialize in unique spins on American classics, exemplified no better than with “The Homer Simpson,” a beef slider with bacon and BBQ sauce topped with mac n’ cheese.

A Little Something for Everyone in Odessa, TX

Whether your family enjoys spending time outdoors, playing video games, visiting unique landmarks, or going to live performances, it’s hard to run out of things to do in Odessa. Not only is the area custom-made for a weekend getaway, but you’re going to need to keep coming back if you want to fit in everything. Thankfully, Odessa makes that easy, too, with its diverse selection of affordable hotels. Visit to plan your next stay! 

About the Author: Hunter Lanier is the head writer and content specialist for Tour Texas. When he isn’t writing about the many great places in the state of Texas, he’s writing books and screenplays. He may or may not own an armadillo in the future.

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