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The Escape Game Houston

The Escape Game Houston

Houston is home to the great minds at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the World Series-winning Astros baseball team. It’s also home to two Escape Game Houston venues where your freedom depends on flexing your mental muscles and practicing teamwork.

The Escape Game Galleria is located in the Uptown District’s Galleria Mall, while the Escape Game CityCentre is in the Memorial City District. Between the two locations, you’ll find 11 multi-room games with seven themes. Thanks to the attention to detail, the rooms feel like the real deal and instantly set the stage for your adventure.

Both Escape Game locations offer rooms suitable for your level of experience, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned escape room veteran. If you’re new to escape rooms, you and your fellow players are introduced to the scenario. With the timer set for 60 minutes, you’ll search for clues, solve puzzles to reveal hidden messages, and get help from your Game Guide when you’re stumped. You have an hour to escape. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Games at The Escape Game Houston Galleria

Playground, the easiest of games offered, is a light-hearted romp through a fourth-grade classroom. Your class, with a maximum of 12 students, has 60 minutes to finish the assignments on the last day of school before the closing bell rings. If you fail, you can forget about summer vacation!

Dr. Humphreys vanished in The Depths, leaving behind just enough clues to discover what he’s been up to in his underwater laboratory. But first, you’ll need to navigate your submarine to his lab before you encounter a less than friendly sea creature.

In The Heist, you won’t have to go far to recover the stolen Monet painting. The museum’s curator, Vincent Hahn, has it stashed in his office. All you need to do is break into his office and snatch the masterpiece. But can you make it through the museum’s galleries and into his office undetected? Can you get out with the artwork before Hahn returns in an hour?

And finally, the world as you know it, hangs in the balance in Special Ops: The Mysterious Market. In a routine visit to a spice market, your covert team finds a nuclear missile. You’ll need to find clues and solve puzzles before the hour’s up to save the world from catastrophe. The pressure is on!

Games at The Escape Game Houston CityCentre

The CityCentre location offers the same four games as The Galleria Escape Rooms plus an additional three games.

In Gold Rush, you’ve inherited gold from Clyde Hamilton. As next of kin, you’ll need to find the clues and solve the puzzles he left behind within 60 minutes to get into his cabin. Can you lay your hands on your fortune before the greedy townsfolk turn his place upside down?

Timeliner: Train through Time takes you through the millennia at dizzying speed to fix the past, jumping from the Jurassic era to Medieval times in a matter of seconds. Time is of the essence. You only have an hour to restore the past. Make one mistake and you’ll certainly derail the future.

The most challenging game is Prison Break. Your team’s divided and placed in two cells. You’ll need to work together, despite the bars, to escape. The warden is betting you’ll fail but just to make things interesting, the warden promises a full pardon if you escape in time. Is freedom an hour away?

You Might Escape, You Will Have Fun

If you want to strategize on the best way to tackle an escape room, check out the Ultimate Guide on How to Beat an Escape Room.

Whether or not your strategies work, the hour-long adventure is fun for couples, friends, and families. Please visit The Escape Game Houston’s official website for more information and to book your brain boosting, team building experience.

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The Escape Game Houston