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Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records

Who holds the record for the fastest Trans-American journey on a penny-farthing? What is the best-selling video game of all time? What is the most valuable dress in the world? Find the answers to these, and many more, intriguing inquiries at the Guinness World Records Museum, a top attraction in San Antonio’s Alamo Plaza.

Within this marvelous museum is a remarkable record of the most dazzling deeds, fantastic feats, and outright outlandish oddities from around the world. Check out the exhibits, challenge a friend to a game, and try to set a world record of your own.

As one of the main Alamo Plaza attractions, the museum is just paces away from the many other things to do near the Alamo, an epicenter of adventure in San Antonio.

Your journey begins with a “hello” from a statue of Robert Pershing Wadlow, who at 8 feet 11 inches is the tallest man in recorded history. Stroll through the first of the museum’s two floors of exhibits and you’ll learn even more interesting tidbits, such as the world records for the largest family reunion and the most drumbeats in a minute (you can even grab a pair of drumsticks and try to beat the record for yourself).

Continue on to the second floor, which starts with a range of exhibits that are all about speed. Discover the record holders for the fastest submarine and railroad, among others, before entering a central hub of exhibits that cover every topic you can imagine. Stride into the “Bank” to see records pertaining to religion, tourism, and finance (what’s the largest mint in the world?), then explore the wacky world of the weird and wondrous in The Human Today. Take a selfie inside of an outline of the world’s largest man, then compare it to the world’s smallest woman. Then meander on over to the Gamer’s Zone, where you can check out important dates in gaming history and play the world’s best-selling game (Mario 64), along with other record holders in the arcade.

The rest of the museum features exhibits related to world-record storms, movie and media trivia, and achievements in sport. It all ends at the Attempt Arena, where you can undertake a variety of challenges. Try to beat the world record for card stacking, or wear out your fingers as you attempt to become the fastest typist in the world. The final challenge asks: how loud can you scream? Push your lungs to the limit after you step inside the soundproof booth to see if you can set a world record. The current, at 129 decibels, is almost as loud as a jet during takeoff, so you’d better bring your A game.

With its curious compendium of amazing and (sometimes) grotesque world records, interactive games, and the Attempt Arena, a visit to the Guinness World Records Museum is a must for the open minded and the young at heart.


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Guinness World Records