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Ripley's Haunted Adventure

Ripley's Haunted Adventure

The dark hallway shrouded in shadow bears a deafening silence interrupted by the rustling of an unknown terror. With sweaty palms and a pounding pulse, you walk down the dim path, eyes glancing to and fro as you watch for a threat from the shadows. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, you’ll never be ready for what lurks around the corner. Welcome to Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, a spectacular spooky sanctum of garish ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

Known as one of the top haunted houses in San Antonio, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure features live actors and jaw-dropping special effects that provide fun and screams at every turn. This creepy adventure is open year-round right in the heart of the Alamo Plaza, making it a can’t-miss attraction while you’re in downtown San Antonio.

Your scary sojourn starts with an ascent on an old rusted coffin cage that groans as it climbs a metal track. Step inside the dour door to start your journey into the realm of the undead, where the haunted folk tales of San Antonio and South Texas come to life. Stalk down darkened hallways and through a macabre morgue, an eerie butcher’s shop, and other ominous rooms as monsters and zombies test your every nerve.

Hold on tight to the nearest (living) human and you may just make it through to the final test, a mind-bending hallway that will make you question what is up and down. At the end of your harrowing haunted adventure, you’ll get the chance to see pictures taken throughout the journey. Buy one of these photos as a souvenir (and something to laugh about later), then plan your next adventure through this house of dread.

For an adrenaline rush or to feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of a Hollywood horror movie, face your fears at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. Buy individual tickets online or at the door, or buy them as part of a bundle that includes two other unique Alamo Plaza attractions: Guinness World Records Museum and Tomb Rider 3D. Together, these three attractions offer a diverse combination of experiences that can’t be beat.



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Ripley's Haunted Adventure