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Del Rio, Texas

Del Rio

Swim in the pristine water of the third largest lake in Texas. Examine some of the oldest Native American cave paintings in North America. Savor a glass of cabernet sauvignon or Sangiovese at the oldest winery in the state. These experiences define Del Rio, Texas, an all-year vacation destination ideally suited for those who love to explore the great outdoors. Del Rio is located within a mile of the Rio Grande and the Mexican town of Ciudad Acuña, just 150 miles west of San Antonio. Like many other border towns, Del Rio enjoys a unique blend of American and Mexican culture, which is expressed in the friendliness of its people and its fascinating art.

The city of Del Rio can trace its history back to the 17th century, when Spanish colonists unsuccessfully attempted to settle the north and south side of the Rio Grande. It wasn’t until the mid-19th century that a permanent settlement was established, with its lifeline coming from San Felipe Creek. The creek provided ample water for farms, orchards, and vineyards due to its many springs. Today, these springs feed millions of gallons of water into the creek, creating Del Rio’s pristine swimming holes, including Blue Lake and Horseshoe Park, that sit on the eastern side of town. These swimming holes have long been popular with locals and visitors alike for their cool and clear waters that provide an idyllic refuge from the Southwest Texas summer heat.

Del Rio is just a few miles from the vast Amistad National Recreation Area, which includes Lake Amistad, home to some of the best bass fishing in Texas. Lake Amistad is a veritable playground for those who enjoy swimming, kayaking, boating, or even scuba diving. The rugged limestone canyons and arid plains that surround the lake provide a gorgeous backdrop and ample territory for hiking enthusiasts to explore. Farther west, you’ll come across Seminole Canyon State Park, where you’ll find the aforementioned cave paintings, along with plenty more territory to explore.

Back in town, browse art galleries full of uniquely Texan works during Del Rio’s Friday Art Walk, explore life on the frontier at the Whitehead Memorial Museum, or visit the Val Verde Winery, the oldest winery in Texas.

Explore some of the best of Southwest Texas in Del Rio. Plan your visit today. 



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Del Rio, Texas